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At The Writer’s Sidekick, we’re committed to providing you with quality, personalized notebooks, available resources to better your craft. Our calendar of events showcases local and national writing events. Submit your professional website information so other writers can contact you.


ObjectiveThe Writer’s Sidekick Objectives is to help authors organize their craft, by providing them with unique tools authors so they can focus on their craft and not on their notes. Offer readily available resource books for easy reference when writing.
Writer’s Sidekick’s Vision is to see writers, agents, and publishers work together to improve the craft. By using the Writer’s Sidekick website as a platform to network, unite, and work together.
The Writer’s Sidekick Mission is to provide authors organizing tools to make their writing simpler, more effective, and less time consuming. As well a resource center to increase their education through conferences, submissions, and directories.

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