All stories have a goal in mind. A lost treasure. A lost love. A magic potion. A new planet. Revenge. Avenge. A baby. Death. Peace. Etc. the list goes on and on.

What’s your story’s goal? Is it an item or a realization?

Define it so you know that you have a goal in mind when you write your story. When you have a goal you’re more than likely going to have obstacles to get their. Make them interesting. Make it hard for your character to achieve their goal. Give him an antagonist that will prevent him from getting it and helps him grow as a person.

Whatever it is, make sure the reader knows it. The importance of it. Why is it a goal? If the character does not achieve it, what then? Does the world as we know it end?

In Terradustria (Writer’s Bloc V), BW’s goal was to push a botton and keep the world as it . However, he does not complete his goal, and hits a different button and saves the planet from total destruction.

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