The Writer’s Sidekick Submissions Tracker

“KEEP TRACK OF YOUR SUBMISSIONS” The worst part of submitting your story somewhere is that you don’t remember what story you submitted, when you submitted it, or to whom you submitted it to. Not only that, but what are they paying for that story and when will it be published. Writer’s Sidekick Submission Tracker is your key to solving these problems. You write your story information and the requirements for each company. Writer’s Sidekick Submission Tracker is a simple, easy to use, fill in the blanks notebook that keeps track of what you submitted and to whom. If one is rejected, you have a chance to re-do and submitted to the next publishing company, contest, or literary journal.

The Writer’s Sidekick Submissions Tracker



Are you submitting stories to contests?

It’s like playing chess. You place your submission to various publishing companies and some will reject, while others take it. What happens when two or more take the story? Or what if you forgot who you submitted it to?

If you have a hard time keeping track of what story you submitted to what company, and when you did it? You need Writer’s Sidekick for Novels.

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Keep track in a simple and easy way with Writer’s Sidekick for Novels.


The Setting of your novel.

What world are you taking your reader to?

Give a new place to visit. Show us a new world. Take us out of time and space. Note your setting and take notes so you wont’ revert back to another time period.

What is the Setting’s Name. All worlds, countries, states, cities, locations have a name.
What is it? Is it a planet, a country, a loft?
Where is it? What the correlation of the story with where the setting takes place?
When is it? The time is important. If its set in the past we know how they dressed, if its in the future, show us.
Why is it? If it apostolistic, how did it become this way.
what are the Sights, Sounds, Smells, overall Feel of the place, show me.
If its a dystopian society, how did it become this way?
Keeping track of your setting and knowing where you are is important. With Writer’s Sidekick for Novels its easy.

Story Ideas

Do you have a great Story Idea?

Not sure how to develop it?  Try Writer’s Sidekick for Novels to get you started.

It starts with a Working Title, don’t worry about making it perfect, you can always play with it.

Do you know what your Genre is? If not, write down what it could be. Remember its always more than one. Find the ones that fit your style.

Point of View is always important to know. Who’s telling the story?

When is your Time Period? Is it in the past or is it in the futre?

Is your Setting Dystopian, Utopian, Post Apolitic, or today?

You always need a Protagonist and Antagonist or your story will have no depth.

What is your overall concept of the story?

This is a helpful form that you can use in Writer’s Sidekick for Novels.

Free Writing

Start with free writing your ideas.

Start with free writing to get it all out of your system. Do not worry about the title, concept, plot, theme, characters, names, ages, settings, items, time, grammar, punctuation, or anything else that can stop your flow.

When you Free Write, you are letting your juices flow. Take the story that you have in mind and write it out. Watch how things will come out and form. New ideas and things that you did not think about will flow with each word. 
By having this at the beginning of the book it gives you the chance to be more open to a greater story.
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