Costumer Feedback

You can use your website to get customer feedback. When customers sign up for your services, they request questions or call for services you compile that data to offer better products/services. You can also determine what products/services that are not requested. You can also place a a customer feedback page to see what your customers say. The testimonials page can show you what your customers are thinking and feel about your company.

Keeps You in the Competition

In the Game
A website keeps you in the competitive game. Your competition has a website, and you should be very aware of it. Learn from it and see how you can do better, or if you can offer better products/services.
Let your customers know that you are competing for their business, they will choose wisely given you have what they want. Every company is competitive and you need to stay on top of things of course.

By analyzing other websites you can get an idea of what you are doing right, what you could be doing better, and what you just should not do.

Keeps Your Customers Informed

Information is a tool
Customers want to know what your latest news is. The more informed of new information you give your customer the more often they will come to your business.

Your customers want to see new activities, specials, news, and general information, something to entice them to make another visit to your website but most importantly to your company. Have pictures that relate to your product. People want to see faces that are happy and are expressing what your product does. Have videos are informative and fun to watch. Keep them short and to the point, focus on your product and your company. 
The more your customers know, the more they will come to you. Keep them informed about your company, your industry, their needs, and new and exciting offers you may have.

I Reaches Your Target Market

Show your target market what you have to offer. They are the ones that are going to buy your products/services. Design your website to them. 

You need to know your niche market in order to offer your best product/service. Without this information, you will have a hard time reaching out to them. Remember that in writing you need to know your readers in order to engage them and keep bringing them back to your website. For whom are, your products/services designed.
Define Your Target Market

Your website is designed by you because only you know what your target market is. The ideal person to identify the niche market in your genre is the person writing it. All businesses have a niche market. All you need to do is figure out who buys your products and target it to them.

It Promotes Your Products and Services

The purpose of your website is to bring customers to your website. That’s the whole idea. You want to give your prospective customers a reason to come to you for what you offer.

With a website, you have Carte Blanche on how and what to promote on your Wordsmith website. You want to give your customers a reason to come to you for their business needs. It is on the internet, which means your website is available twenty-four hours, seven days a week, and three-hundred and sixty-five days a year. It capitalizes on Word of Mouth directly including social media.
People want to see what you’re selling, and when they go to your website, they find out.

A Website Introduces You


A website introduces your products/services to the world. The internet is open twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, and three hundred sixty five days a year. In other words, it is always there. Your prospective customers do not have a fix schedule; they may look you up at 4:45 am. The best part is that they will find you at the hour.
Word of mouth can only get you so much. This is the internet age. What you need is an additional push to advertise your company. For that, you need a website and ways to get your customers to it. 
The new word of mouth is social media.
Your website has to have what you offer. That is the whole point of being there. You want to keep your prospective customers interested in what you offer.
With your website, you tell your prospective customers about:
·         Who you are as a Wordsmith (provider)
·         What products/services you offer
·         Your location (brick and mortar or virtual)
·         Your phone number
·         Your business hours
·         The benefits to go with you

·         Specials/promotions

Top 5 Reasons for a Wordsmith Website

Authors rely on their agents and publishers to sell their books. Agents count on their authors to promote their books. Publishers rely on their own advertising to sell the books. Books can be seen internet books sites. Friends and family don’t always spread the word that you have written a book. You can go months or years before you sell a book.
The most common questions of Wordsmiths are:
  1.  Why, would I need a website?
  2. How does it sell my products/services?
  3. Who would see my website?
  4. Will people actually see my new products/services?
  5. Can I afford an expensive website?

The answers to these questions are what this book is about as well as how to build your own website.
There are many reasons to have a professional website. However, the top five are the ones that you as a Wordsmith (provider), needs to take to heart. Not all websites are created equal, and not all of them offer the same things. 
These are the top five reasons why you need a Wordsmith website. 
1. A website introduces you 
2. It promotes your products/services  
3. It reaches your target market
4. Keeps your customers informed
5. Keeps you in the competition
As a Wordsmith (provider), you have products/service that you offer your customers. You can place ads everywhere and hope someone will call you and/or come into your store or place of product/service. However, a website will bring them faster because they know what they are getting.
Creating one is easy with Web Hosting by The Ghoster. 
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Wordsmith Website

 Stand tall among your peers, competition, and your current and future customers. This guide will help you achieve your competitive edge by helping you create, maintain, and update your own Wordsmith website.
Creating a website that is both personable and professional and that is targeted to the literary niche market is easy to do. As a Wordsmith services provider, you want to bring people to your site and see what product/service you are offering, and entice them to hire you.

You need a website if you are an independent Wordsmith (or a wordsmith product/service provider) create, maintain, and update your Wordsmith website to increase your business. 
I am using the word Wordsmith to include 
  • Authors
  • Editors
  • Free-Lance Writers
  • Ghostwriters
  • Illustrators
  • Small Publishing Companies

and others who are in the Literary Field, such as

  • Bookstores
  • Bloggers
  • Social Media Services

The Wordsmith website is designed to bring in customers to you.
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