don’t compare my break up with yours

Why do people always compare their break ups with someone everyone else’s? I hate people that justify their break ups. It’s not only the heterosexuals that do that, but it’s also the LGBTQIA+ community that does it. Maybe it’s human nature to up one each other and say that we hurt more than the other. …

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5 clues your local lgbtqia+ center is a clique

Almost every city in the US has a LGBTQIA+ center that is there to serve the community. However, not all are there to serve. Some major non-profit organizations are actually making money from the innocent people they claim to serve. Here are 5 clues that your local LGBTQIA+ center is a fraud.

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my thoughts on thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is an American Tradition. Except if you came out on the Thanksgiving before and you’ve been ostracized for being LGBTQIA+. There is no other country that celebrates it like we do. Actually, no other country celebrates it at all.

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an interview with stepeh lovatt

Religion is sometimes a very difficult topic to touch on if you’re queer. For me being gay and having faith was a struggle of the conscience. From one side of the spectrum I heard all the horrible things that will happen to me for being gay and not following the Church. I grew up believing that if I wanted to believe in God, I would have to give up being whom I am. Then, I found Stephen Lovatt, author of “Faithful to the Truth.” Communicating with him across the pond has been a life changing experience.

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