an interview with andy sergeant, author of “what I want”

Sergeant’s song played. Serendipity comes once in a lifetime. I heard “What I Want,” by Andy Sergeant and I dropped what I was doing to enjoy the music and the lyrics. I realized that my life has changed.

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top 3 requisites in the gay community

There are 3 requisites to be accepted in the gay community. Youth, Body, and Money. Without one of the three you’re The Walking Gay Dead. That discrimination among gay man is obvious when you go to a gay bar, or any event where there’s a group of gay men. By nature, they will form Cliques. …

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dear andy, my son invited his boyfriend to our traditional christmas dinner

Dear Andy is a advisory column for those in need of good advice. This articles is about a mother who is proud of her son’s engagement, but uneasy about her own parents and siblings feelings.

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5 things not to do when setting up your son on a blind date

Parents always want what’s best for their children. A new bike, braces, a good college and other things they need to be happy. However, most of these things mentioned are easy to give. Parents think they know their son well enough to get those things.

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