Being Alone

Being Alone

Being alone is difficult, no matter who is around you.  Family and friends think they understand, some even try to help, others just leave us alone.

It’s not easy being alone in the world, and I know I’m not (well not anymore, alone that is), I learned to listen to others to be listened, to be patient so they can be patient with me.  It’s hard, I know.

So if you feel the need to just write everything down and let someone know, e-mail me.  I won’t be able to
help directly, but it’s good to know you can e-mail
someone about your problems and takes the time to
listen.  At least you get your feelings out.

It doesn’t matter if your gay, straight, bi, crooked,
single, married, monogamous, a cowboy, a flaming star, butch without Cassidy, abnormal or any other thing people call you or you think you are.

We are all normal and we need to let the world know.  So e-mail me if you have a question, or a comment or just need someone to listen.  I promise I won’t bite, talk back or ridicule you.  Your word is my word, discretion is a given and I won’t sell you’re e-mail address to the vacuum salesman down the street.

Andres Fragoso, Jr.
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