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Andres Fragoso, Jr.
452 E Silverado Ranch #348
Las Vegas NV 89183

Poetry for a Generation

U.S.A., July 22, 2015- For Author and Poet Andres Fragoso, Jr., it seems like just yesterday that he crafted his breakout poetry book, Listen. Listen has shaken and rattled up many of scholars. It’s the authentic voice for the generation today. With words that will settle the senses and savor a heart for compassion.
Before Fragoso penned this work ten years ago. He dealt with some personal set-backs for which no one wanted to lend an ear too. As a native of Santa Monica, California, he grew up like any boy in his youth. Yet, he harbored the weight of two life-changing discoveries. The first being the fact that he suffers from bipolar disease. The second discovery is the fact that he is unapologetically gay.
These two discoveries are what has brought beauty out of ashes with his poetry. He wanted the world to not just listen, but to understand his plight. Therefore as an ode to his greatest joys and deepest secrets, Listen: Poems on Being Gay, Bipolar and Alive was born ten years ago. His experience has helped him write about life in general. Life when he was between two cultures. And life as a gay man in more than one culture.
Who would have known as the world celebrates the tenth anniversary of Listen: Poems on Being Gay, Bipolar and Alive, that the sediments for gay rights in America would look so different? Yet, as the architect of words, his rhyme and reason is still a much needed paradox for this season.
“Listen to me when I cry,
I’m not asking for your opinion or advice,
I’m asking for your shoulder where I can cry,
I’m only asking for a little of your time.”  As taken from his poem ‘Listen’ from the tenth anniversary edition of his book Listen: Poems on Being Gay, Bipolar and Alive.
You too can listen to Fragoso if you are in the Las Vegas, Nevada area on August 23, 2015. He will do a reading and signing at Grouchy Jones Coffee at five in the evening. Be sure to check out his website for more information on this special tenth anniversary celebration of his book.

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10 Year Anniversary for Listen

10 Year


This book is a collection of poems expressing my feelings, my oppression, my life in general and how I want to grow. Read my poems and really listen to what I’m saying. Try to understand what I have gone through, what I have accomplished, and what I’m currently going through. It may be something that you may think is silly, selfish, and downright childish
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Silenced Pain

Silenced Pain

I feel the pain once again 

You silence me yet again 
I know I may, I know I must 
Silence and pain that I have 
I know not the why 
I care not the when 
All I care is that I am in pain 
The pain you want silenced 
One day the pain will be strong 
I will have to silence the pain 
You will find me on the floor 
Dead from a something unknown 
And you will wonder and ask 
“Why did you not feel compelled 
To say that you were in pain?” 
The silenced answer you already know 
You asked me to silence my pain.
© Andres Fragoso, Jr.
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