#1 of the Top 10 Gay Male Character Archetype – Straight Acting or Butch

Men by definition are masculine.

The word masculine brings us images of a male human with square shoulders, a V torso, strong arms and legs and a very square jaw. A man. The Alpha Male. When we write male characters this is the image that is automatically imagined by readers. We then write about the color of hair, eyes, how handsome they look in a loincloth in a romance novel. How virile and strong they are in an action novel. There is no difficulty writing about a Straight Man.

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Gay Characters

Writing gay characters is a very difficult task. The challenge is in creating a memorable character that is not a stereotype or derogatory. The intent on writing a good gay character is knowing how to distinguish them in your writing without offending the character or the LGBT community.

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3 Req – Money

Let’s say you’re older now. And, you’re fatter now. Let’s just say that all you have now is money. You’re in luck. You’re officially what the younger guys want in the gay community.
 I have met many men who have the money and they know what to do with it. One such man comes to mind, he’s around fifty or so, and he has money. (NO. NOT the creep I was telling you about earlier. He’s flat broke and lonely) Lot’s of money. Wealthy. He is good looking in a exotic way, fit (forced to be on a diet and exercises by the doctor) and amiable. Very nice personality and I’m happy to have known him.

When I first met him I was taken aback with what he did.  We would walk around the mall to walk or buy something and out of the blue he would tell me, “Wait here, I have to do something.” At first I thought nothing of it. After a while I was curious. I followed him.

He walks up to young men around their twenties, strike up a conversation and exchange numbers. After a few months of feeling more comfortable with me, he would just tell me who he was chasing and what he was going to do, I would sit back and watch the show.

A year later when we were more comfortable with each other, he would invite me to dinners with his new romances. I got to know a few of them. Some of them got to know each others. Some became movie stars, others became very successful men in their own right. Things that they would not have been able to do on their own, or with their own devices. A good exchange if you ask me.

If you have the money, flaunt it, get a boy toy and have some fun. Personally, if I had that kind of money I would spent it differently. I want to be loved for who I am, not for what I have. I’ll tell you why in a future post of why I think that way. I admit, when I had money I did what this man did, and I was not a happy man. I don’t know how he does it. All I know is that he is happy and comfortable being with many young men.

I may not be in the gay community anymore, but that’s cool with me. I want not to be labeled in their community. Too many drama queens.
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3 Req. Youth

How young is young?
Depends on how old you are.If you’re 16, then 14 is excessively young. If you’re 30, then 14 is illegal, 16 is almost legal, 18 is legal, but somewhat freaky, and 25 is okay. 30 is just right, 35 is still all right, 40 is older, 50 is old, 60 and above then you’re just a boy toy. In the gay community.
Twinks. 18 to 25 is the perfect age. You can party, do drugs, get drunk and wake up in any bed you want. I hope that you’re playing safe. Aids is not as scary as it was in the 80’s but it’s still there. You can get any man you want. You can even charge for it. Okay, not with legal tender I hope, but definitely with dinners, movies and the like. Boy Toy. Yes, I’m talking to you.
The Man. Now if you’re 26 to 37. You’re a MAN. You’re defined by now. You have a job. Your own apartment and your own car. I hope that it runs. The car. Younger guys are looking at you because you’re more mature and you don’t drink as much or party too much. Nevertheless, you’re still in the game. You’re still alive.
Oldie, but still goody. Slowly death creeps in. 38 to 45. You’re not too old to keep at home, but you’re not young enough to hang out all night. Your body starts making noises. Noises start to bother you. The gym is now Jim, the guy next door you’re ogling at. You had better have one of the other two to survive in the game.
Pops. Retired, 46 to 65. Yes. Time to go out of the game. Now you’re just too gray to look good, your gut is down to your knees and you’re starting to creep me out (I’m only 42, so yeah you’re even creeping me out.) Time to start thinking of where you want to retire within the next decade. Time to cash in those favors.
Pervert. Death. 66 and above. You’re retired. You have money take care of me or you’re not getting what’s between my legs. That’s what the neighbor think of you when you’re looking at his crotch and not at his face. This is the age where you don’t give a rat’s ass about what people think. This is the age you stare and stare and stare and,.. What are you starring at? Oh, yeah. You forget things. Where was I?
So, yes. Without youth, you have nothing. I’m heading there soon. Therefore, I need to marry now. Anyone out there wants a 42 year old to marry. I don’t want to end up being a Pop or an Old Man.
That’s the first requirement of a gay man in today’s culture. With youth you can be someones boy toy. You can have guys ogling after you, buying you drinks at the bar, where you’re probably not old enough yet. The Chicken Hawks are after you. The perverts are after you through facebook, and Craigslist. They hunt you down and devour you. Ahh. To be devoured. There’s something new.
Now for a truth. I know a guy (casually) and I am afraid for the boys that are at the places he goes. He always tells me that he’s going to the mall hunting. Not that he succeeds mind you. But the thought just kinda creeps me out.  He’s in his fifties, about 6’3, bald so not to show how grey he is, big, big belly, crooked teeth, mustache and goatee. Kinda like a serial killer kind of look. That’s not all that’s creepy about him.  He would go to the mall or anywhere there are kids and openly stare at them. Make remarks at how they look. You can see him wipe the dribble from his face as he stares at these guys.  “The younger the better. Jeejeee.”

Dear Andy my boyfriend has no respect for me

Dear Andy, I am 35 years old. I am Hispanic and I think that my boyfriend has no respect for me and doesn’t make me feel that I have worth. He’s always interrupting me when I’m talking and wants me to focus on his day. If I have a problem, he tells me that there’s nothing he can do. He won’t listen to the problem and just be there for me. He has slowly taken me away from my parents and siblings. I used to see them all the time and now I’m lucky if I see them for the holidays. He makes up excuses that we’re busy so I don’t go.

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