Articles on Writing Gay Characters.

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Articles on Writing Gay Characters. 

Gay characters seem to be the hardest to write in popular culture. Seems that everyone is dead stuck on writing about the stereotypical men. Really, we’re not all like that. I don’t wear leather straps, wear makeup or drag on around in my bleach blond hair. We’re all different and we need to break this hysteria of writing stereotypes.

It’s obvious that when you write a couple and their relationship is usually between a hard working man and a at home stay, mom and humble woman. That straight definition is easy to write those roles. Then of course we have the whipped man and the ball buster.

When writing about gay characters its all different in so many complex ways. Let’s write about those situations and make the gays not be third class citizens anymore. We are here, we are different, write about it, blog about it, and read about it.

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