3 Req – Looks

You’re right if you thought of physique, clear skin, hot body, tight abs, good legs, blue eyes, matching ears, bubble butt, a twinkle in the eyes, muscle, muscle (did I mention muscle?), and overall appearance. Oh. Also, dress well. If you thought of any of these to mean Looks, then you’re utterly right. It doesn’t matter how old you are, if you have the hot body, you’re in.  You work out at least seven days in the gym. You run every day; you eat amino acids, flax seed, whey, and countless of other things like egg whites just to keep that body going.
The Looks in the gay community are paramount. If you look like you just walked out of the street because that’s your home, you’re going to be avoided. If you look like you just stepped out of Men’s Health, Men’s Journal, Calvin Klein commercial, or my favorite Hilfiger, then you’re going to have man hounding you down. You’ll be ogled at left and right. Some men will put a rose on your lapel. Other’s will wipe the sweat off your seat at the gym and use that same towel to clean themselves up at night.
Notice how they have people walking two feet behind them smelling their butts because they smell like petunias. Notice how many don’t even look at the age, but on how they look. Age is not relevant in this. The look appeals to most of us. You’ll hear comments on how they would eat the waste directly from them.
Grooming. Please wipe behind your ears. Dry your back after a shower, clip your nails, and always use talcum. Not sure why. Anyway, be well groomed.
Style, fashion, and clean clothes. A good dress man is to women what lingerie is to men. So I’ve heard. I like a well-dressed man. I don’t care how old you are, if you can wear a James Bond Tux and look good, I’ll go to bed with you (does not mean get a t-shirt with a tux print and show up at my door expecting me to go to bed with you), and you’ll love it.
In the gay community if you want to get laid, but you’re older and don’t have money, dress well and groom yourself. Just saying.
I admit I like watching a hot guy. This explains how Tom Cruise, Collin Ferrell, Michael Dudikoff, Justin Beber, and countless other hot guys that can’t act or sing got their jobs. The look is everything. It’s a technique used to manipulate others. I’m guilty; I used to use my body to manage guys. I had a blast when I went out with guys, and they paid for everything. Expensive hotels, shows on and off the strip, travel to different cities, free entrance to nightclubs, VIPs tables at nightclubs, private seating at costly restaurants and damn, I’m making myself sound like a whore.
Anyway, you get the point. Looks is everything. I lost mine, so don’t forget yours.
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